I did a test print at 0.08mm layers, the smallest layer height I’ve attempted yet.

I used a Makergear Plastruder, and black Ultimachine 4043D PLA.

Skeinforge sliced it onto 187 layers. It was not a fast print, taking about 2.5 hours.
Aside from a kind of smeary top layer, it came out ok.
Pictures follow:

0.08mm Nophead pulley in progress.

0.08mm layers

No manual cleanup done yet.

These two pulleys are the final print of a complete Prusa Mendel parts set I’ve been printing for a friend. It took about 3 weeks of evenings on & off. Most of the parts were printed one at a time, I didn’t use the production parts files.

The parts are now in the hands of Eric, hopefully he’ll be printing in a month or so.

Here’s some pictures.

Pair of Printed PLA Prusa Pulleys


It's like a quarter of a Mendel set.

Those spans are magic!