I made a new Z-axis motor coupler, as I suspect the old one was slightly off-center & causing wobbles to show in printed parts. The new one seems better, but I still have a little bit of wobble from a still undetermined source.

new Z axis shaft coupler

Here are a few recent prints. I recently started using the “Dimension” module within Skeinforge to retract the feed-stock between moves, and it’s really helped reduce the “stringies” that’d happen between parts.

I'm six little teapots.

These rings printed fine, but a few lost their grip right as the print finished.

Vertical rings

Hot off the printner, no cleanup done

teapot on a US quarter, for scale.

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  1. mary lee says:

    Hi Bill,
    This is incredible, you showed me some of your creations at the art lab at the Leo…such cool stuff !! I have to post this on my facebook !!

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